Monday, October 29, 2012

Picking Pumpkins and Halloween Costumes

The Tabb 6 took a gander to a local pumpkin patch to find ourselves a family of pumpkins. The kids were beyond thrilled for this adventure. I think the pictures can relay our fun better then I can explain.
 Killian wanted a ride out to the patch
 In search of the perfect pumpkin
 He said he wanted to go "way out there" 
 What about this one? 
 Teagan wanted a ride "Way out there" 
 Here we go! 
 Pumpkin Drumming
 "I like this one, Mamum!" 
 hmmm... which one?
 OH DIRT!!! 
 Everyone's looking...
 "I found Imogen's!"
 "This one is for Killian!"
 Rubbing the dirt off to inspect
 We found them all! 
 Everyone got a ride back from "way out there"
 Including Baby Sister (13 days old)

After we gathered and loaded our perfectly picked pumpkins, The we changed into costumes and "tried" to get some fall photos. The sun was not a helping... lol 

 Our Tabblets 4
 Aidan: Super Hero (thor) Teagan: Black Kitty
Killian: Elephant,  Imogen: Miss Muffet 
 The best one I got. 
 High fives for the elephant
 Handsome Little Brother (14 months)
 Black Kitty 
 Blowing kisses 
 Sweet Big Sister (almost 3 years)
 Flying to save the day! 
 Showing off his super hero super muscles!
 World's Super Big Brother (4 years)
 Miss Muffet needed to burp before her photos
 Miss Muffet and her spider 
Elegant Little Sister (13 days)
 The big patch of pumpkins, we went "way out there" 
Germany's gorgeous farmland

They all had a good time, yes even little sister as she didn't fuss, picking our pumpkins and playing dress-up in their costumes. Also we were very impressed with our pickins' 6 greatly shaped pumpkins for less then $20. Way less expensive then buying them at the commissary. 
Once we got home we washed them off and set them up to decorate. No carving this year too many little hands so we just decided to put faces on them. 
Tabb family pumpkins sans faces 

As for actual halloween activities this year we helped out at a Troop halloween party. The kids had fun at it. It snowed that day so we moved the party inside and had a great turnout. The kids loved going station to station trick or treating. They ate some halloween desserts and had some hot chocolate. It was a great evening. Here are the pictures we took prior to going. 
 We gave her some whiskers and a kitty nose to complete her look
 Waiting to be buckled into her seat, Miss Muffet snores as her spider approaches
 Cranky Elephant pulls at his ears
Super Hero is still showing off those muscles

As October comes to an end we look forward to the rest of the year. Mamum and Teagan's birthdays, Thanksgiving Turkey with all the extras and then into December when Geoffrey comes to be Santa's lookout, Christmas Block Leave and then starting the new year with a special bang! 
We are enjoying every minute together as the Tabb 6 knowing there is a deployment in our future and that Daddy will be gone for awhile. These are the moments that make our lives complete, they are the events and memories that keep us strong while we are separated. 

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  1. MISS ALL YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES!!!!! <3 <3 <3 loves to all!

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