Monday, April 1, 2013

Frohe Ostern, Happy Easter!

Frohe Ostern!

Happy Easter!

With Josh being absent this year due to training stateside I decided we weren't going to do anything eggstravagant this year.
I was fortunate to have friends invite the Tabblets and myself over to their house for Easter lunch since Josh is away at training. So that's all we did. Our Easter baskets were sweet and simple this year too.
In all honesty... It was nice to be simple. Baskets, chocolate and egg hunting isn't what the day is about anyway.

Of course the day couldn't go by without a few pictures of the Tabblet's dressed so cute. Both Teagan and Killian weren't feeling the best but they were troopers!  These are some of my favorites from what I was able to capture.

 Sweet Aidan, the tenderheart.

Teagan Ridiculous Joy

 I can see her sickness in this one. Poor girl didn't sleep well. She was such a trooper! 

Killian, the Cutest

 (I told you he's the cutest)

Imogen. Little Sister. 
(her personality is just starting to blossom so for now she's just little sister)

Our Tabblets 4
(4 very patient but easily distracted angels)

 I really like the 2 pictures here (above and below) despite only one kid is looking at me in each. Maybe it's just because I know how they were interacting with each other at the time or because I just like seeing them interacting. In the bottom one I love how Teagan comes in close to Killian, she kissed his head just moments after. 

At last! I got all eyes up! 

We are truly blessed with 4 wonderful children with amazing personalities and well behaved mannerisms. They are the beating of my heart.

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  1. I think Imogen might end up rivaling Teagan for ridiculous judging by these photos. She's a doll...well, they all are! Miss you lots, happy belated Easter!