Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Tabblets 4

We recently went to our friend's house for a portrait/fall photoshoot. Jenni has been a part of our lives since we first got to Korea 2.5 years ago. We've attended each others kids' birthday parties and other events. Riley (her 3 year old daughter) is a very good friend of Aidan and Teagan. We are very blessed to have Jenni in our lives. Her husband will be deployed around the same time as Josh so I am blessed to have her for more then one reason. Her friendship means a lot.  Looking forward to the next 3 years together.

Here are my favorites!

 Let's start with the funny man, Aidan James. 4 years old.

 This one is my fave of him... don't let it fool you though. He isn't always so charming :-) 

Then we have Miss Teagan Joy. 3 years old. Ridiculousness at its best.

Here is Killian David or Bub-bub by his siblings. His personality and looks win him "The Cutest" 
(but don't tell the others) 

We didn't do portraits of Imogen since I had already had her newborn pictures done a week prior. If you haven't seen them yet, click here. She is 3 weeks old in the pictures to follow below. 

A Tabblet Castle or at least that's what we called it to get the shot. 
Killian always has his own agenda :-) 

I've dreamt about this photo since we got pregnant the first time.
 Jenni made my dreams come true! 

Then we went outside to play in the leaves. 

See I told you she's ridiculous! 

Our Tabblets 4 

Perfection! Oh my heart swoons! 

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