Friday, December 21, 2012

Teagan turns 3!

Teagan Joy: 6 weeks old

Teagan Joy: 3 years old

Teagan: Irish Origin meaning "Poet". 

My first born daughter is growing up so fast. It honestly feels like just a few months ago that Buffy, Pam and I were headed to the hospital to have this baby girl. 
Daddy met her for the first time when she was 6 days old, we met him at the gate so that he could spend time with her before seeing the rest of the family. His heart was hers at that moment. 

These days Teagan fills her days with kitties, playing sweetly by herself or viciously with her older brother. She enjoys "shaking her booty" at any given time. She'll tell you that you are her best friend when she wants something and she gives the best "bump it" complete with blowing up sound effects you've ever seen. 

Teagan is down right Ridiculous. 

We spent her actual birthday day playing all her favorite games. She even got to sit quietly with mama during naptime instead of having to go to her bed. When daddy got home we had her favorite meal for dinner, shrimp with tomato cream sauce, and of course Happy Birthday to you cake for dessert! Then opened presents from family. 
Here are some photos from that day. (please excuse the quality, bad lighting in the house after the sun goes down!)
 Excited to open her presents!

 Her first Barbie
 She loves "Littlest Pet Shop" 
 And Hello Kitty! 
 ... and clothes!
 Going in for the dig! 
 Kitchen Utensils for... 
 Her Kitchen!! (I heart IKEA!)
 Did I mention she loves clothes?! 

Teagan asked for a Yellow and Pink Birthday so I made a cake with yellow and pink frosting... 
 .... and surprised her with a pink cake on the inside! I died at her squeal of surprise and thrill when we cut it! 

The following weekend we had a party for her. She was really excited to have her friends Nathaniel and Emilie come over to celebrate. 
 Pink and yellow streamers and balloons! 

 Kid friendly finger food snacks!
 Her buddy Nathaniel making us food with Teagan's new kitchen
 Eating some snacks with her friend Emilie!
 Coloring with her friend Nathaniel 
 Time to open presents!
 From Emilie and her Mama, Melanie

 Opening her gift from Nathaniel and his mama, Olivia
 Hugs for his girlfriend :-) 

 Singing happy birthday

 Getting help blowing out her candles! 
 Meanwhile, Emilie feeds Killian :-)

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  1. Happy birthday!! Looks like so much fun!! I adore her kitchen and I love Ikea as well!