Sunday, April 22, 2012

The ______ Journey

long. interesting. exhausting. intriguing. never ending.

It was indeed quite the trip. 2 airplanes, 1 of which was MIA to everyone including the airline for several hours, long layovers, many unexpected delays, several security checks, over 48hours of continuous travel and, thankfully, 3 happy patient kids.
Aidan was so overwhelmed with glee when our plane to Germany approached the gate in Baltimore (the one mia for 4 hours) that he broke out into song "I'm so happy, so happy. I'm so happy the airplane to Gemany is here! I'm so happy!"

Once in Germany and after a long wait of inprocessing at the airport (due to our plane being 4 hours late) we were shuttled to a German hotel called the Barbarossa Hotel. It was gorgeous. We we on the 3rd story of what should have been called a country cottage rather then hotel. Below are pictures of our room.

The tiny water closet
Living area
The "King" bed (two twins sitting close)
The kids' room.
Aidan LOVED his tall bed!

The bed was hard but we rested very comfortably with the down pillows and comforters provided. It just proved to us that bedding can make the bed. For dinner that night we ate at the hotel restaurant where Josh had his first "wiezenbeir", or wheat beer. I had a taste as wheat beer is my favorite and I fell in love. The kids enjoyed their sausage and fries.

Upon arrival in Vilseck, our final destination, we were checked in, briefed and sent to the hotel. Finally a resting place for more then a few hours. It's a nice room, enough beds for everyone and a little kitchenette for cooking some food. After a few days of in-processing Josh met with housing and we were found to be lucky to have a choice of 2 different available places. I'll get to the one we picked later this week (we move in on Wednesday!)

The Tabblets will leave you with one last picture.... They were dying for a "bath" but all we have is a shower.
Good thing little sister is still cooking.... not sure if she would have been able to join in the fun!


  1. LOL...I took a "bath" in a tub just like that in Turkey the other day. When I got out, there was barely a few inches of water. Glad you made it safely and that everyone kept their spirits up!

    I often chant "I'm so happy, I'm so happy the plane/bus/donkey/etc. is here!". Hopefully not following hours of complaining but you'd have to ask Tom. We've had some similarly rough bus rides lately (cough cough...stomach flu...cough).

    XO Kitty

  2. What a trip - but you all made it and the tablets are clean and ready for Germany! xxx