Monday, May 7, 2012

Settling in

Whew! What a few weeks it has been!
Filled with teething 9m olds, passing driving tests, getting our new home, brand new busted rental cars, learning German, regressing 2.5yr olds, driving on the Autobahn, looking for a permanent car, exploring IKEA (a few times) and trying to stay as upbeat as possible while living in one of the most trying times... The in-between time. The time where you have a house but none of your furnishings, you have a kitchen with none of your cookware. The time where you are back in the swing of things after a vacation but no schedule to lean on. The time to go back to work but not have everything in line for daily life to work smoothly.
It's the time when you spend money like you have an unlimited supply but worry you are running out. When you want to take a walk about the town but not only have no way to get there but if you did you wouldn't know how to get back. The time you want to visit a friend but haven't made any yet.
The InBetween time is hard but thankfully does not last.

We love our 3 story house, it has a yard, a garage and room for everyone to play. Looking forward to making it a home.
Hoping to have a car, our car new to us, in possession by the end of the week.
Seeing an OB for the first time, finally, this pregnancy this week.
Lastly UnAccompanied Baggage came today and the contents, you ask? The Tabblets' toys! Very relieved for them as they get a break from the nothing to dos, the uncertains and the not sures.
Our InBetween time is finally showing a light saying the end is coming. Carry on strong.
I leave you with my strength midst the chaos.

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  1. I hear ya, girl. We are sharing an old terrycloth bathmat we found in the furnished apartment ... now it's our only "towel". Fancy! Get a "Mytracks" or "Where'smycar" application for your smartphone and get out and enjoy walking around and seeing awesome new stuff! I'm going to go track down a dry cleaners myself just now. Wish me luck! XO K.