Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeling like home

Things are finally coming together here in the Tabbhold. The Tabblets 3 are meshing into a nice routine that helps our days come together. 
Josh is blooming in his new position, as we all know he would. I'm so proud of him. No one in this world makes me beam like him. 
We've completed the kids' rooms, just waiting on their hangers and some other extras that are coming in HHG's. We painted the boys' room blue and the girls' room light purple. Aidan is super excited about his bunk bed, it didn't take but a few minutes to master the top bunk ladder. Once Killian starts walking he'll join the fun and claim the bottom bunk, but until then he's using the crib we bought for Imogen. 
Teagan is very happy with her bed choice as well. She also is still in awe of her purple walls. 
Very eager for the arrival of HHG's, about another 2-3 weeks out, I'm assuming. Once they get here we are headed back to IKEA for our living room furniture! 

For those who missed the post, we finally found the car for us. A '03 Ford Expedition XLT. She's very nice and we got an incredible deal. I love driving her, named her Elektra. 

Josh is gone for about a week so we're trying to find things to occupy the time while he is gone. So we've been spending lots of time in our back yard and at the park on base. Hoping to make it to the Schwimmbad, here in Vilseck, next week. That's the city's public swimming pool. 

I'm feeling pretty good other then being super tired. I turned 22 weeks pregnant today. Can't wait to meet the newest, and last, addition to our perfect little family. 

As I was driving home I realized it was a great day to snap a few shots of our gorgeous little country town we live in. 

 The Infamous Vilseck Tower
 In most of the little towns, the streets look very similar to these two pics. I LOVE the colors. 
 Vilseck Tower

 ^^^We live on the hillside of the city. This is over looking the town ^^^
 Our house backs up to the countryside 
 Playing in our backyard

His flat grin gets me EVERYTIME. 


  1. You have a yard. I. Am. Jealous. =)

    1. Yes we do! We were given two options because of our family size, a 5 bedroom apt (4 kids qualified us for that) and a 4 bedroom townhouse with yard and garage... Um... NOT a hard decision! So we had to sign a waiver, lol, but there was no question. I wanted a yard so bad!! And it's completely fenced!