Thursday, June 7, 2012


Strawberry pickin'

I don't know if it's just because we are in the country or if it's a popular thing in Germany but there are strawberry patches EVERYWHERE! I've been eyeing them since the signs went up on the country roads and finally we got to go.
The Tabblet's and I went with our troop's mama meet up group. We are trying to get out and meet new friends for both myself and the little ones. Looks like I get to be a part of a great group of ladies.

On to the Erdbeeren. I was thankful they had boxes to use at the farm as we are still lacking HHG's and I didn't have any cute baskets for the kids to carry. Aidan and Teagan were so very excited to be picking their own strawberries. After a quick lesson on "good strawberrry vs bad strawberry" they were off!
I think Teagan (who takes after her mother and has an obsession with eating strawberries) taste tested a few along the way.
Killian enjoyed the view along the way from my back as this baby belly is big enough to prohibit him to be on my front.

In the end we ended up with about 50 strawberries all for about $6 after conversion, that's including the boxes. Not bad I say. We ended up having a strawberry tail gate party as we were talking with everyone before heading out. I had a few myself and I must say between Korea's AMAZINGLY sweet strawberries and Germany's freshly picked sweet soft strawberries... I'm never going to like american strawberries again.

It was TONS of fun and I can't wait to take Josh out with us next time.
Here are a few of my favorite shots.
 Aidan and (SUPER EXCITED) Teagan ready to go picking
 Looking for a good one
 Aidan found some!
 Teagan searching for some, she saw some green ones and said "no big red ones" 
 YAY! Strawberries!
 Maybe it's because I'm sentimental or maybe just because I'm pregnant and hormonal but I love this picture. I have my mother's hands and all I see in this picture is her hand helping ME (Teagan has my hands) pick a strawberry. I'm getting this one printed for sure. 
 Aidan "eyeing" his freshly picked strawberry saying "hmmm... yeah it's a good one" 
 Off to find more!
 My Tabblets 3
 She would just NOT look at me....
 and then I get this.... stinker!

Aidan says "all done, let's go eat our strawberries! Yes I think so!" 

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