Monday, June 25, 2012

Aidan turns 4 years old

So excited for my little man today. He is officially 4 years old. We acted as if his birthday yesterday so that Josh could be in on the whole day's festivities. It was a great day for everyone.
 His door way got "creped"

 He had lots of fun getting out

 Little man ready to open presents
(lol, some didn't get wrapped, he didn't mind)
 Oreos from Papa
 A real toolbox with real tools 
 Papa was a creative genius with his gifts this year. Handmade letters with different sized holes to fit specific bolts. Came with a coordinating board to learn how to spell his name. 
 Excited to see his cousin Mae on his wrapping paper
 Personal wrapping paper is so fun 

 4 years 4 candles... 5 cupcakes
 "Happy birthday, Dear Aidan..."

I hope he made a good wish! 

The day was filled with his every request including cereal for breakfast, time at the park and Mac&Chz with hotdogs for dinner. 
It's hard to believe that he's 4 years old already, but when I actually think about it, it's not that surprising as I am pregnant with his 3rd younger sibling :-)
When we went to the park he patiently and generously let me take some 4 year shots of him. He was super cute in the process. These are my favorite.
 (remember if you are on a computer you can click on the picture to enlarge it)


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