Friday, August 10, 2012

Killian's Birthday: Details and Presents

August 9th 2011 @ 2230, 121 Hospital, Seoul, South Korea

Holding my new little man in peace (and quiet)
The nurses and doctor had finally left us to be a family and boy were we enjoying it. Killian was 52 mins old by that point and he was just perfect.
I was coming down off the adrenaline high created from the chaos that happened just an hour earlier. I couldn't believe what had happened. I was in complete shock my body could do such things... AND I had 2 previous labors so it wasn't that I should be surprised. But come on... 7 mins! SEVEN?!
I had the worst 4 contractions known to myself, woman. (yes the whole labor was 4 contractions)  My water was acting as a barrier to the pitocin so my body wasn't responding to it.  So when they broke it, my body then received full blown pitocin, not gradually as prescribed. Not cool, so not cool.
I went from 4 cm dilated to baby laying on the bed (without the dr) in 7 mins. I didn't push because I was told I was only 4 cm for all I knew it wasn't time yet and this was indeed going to be the worst experience ever. I felt like I was dying. Thank God it was only 7 mins. HAH!

I could feel my heart racing again as I thought about the whole thing and all I wanted to do was forget it. So I cuddled him close and took in a big breath of that sweet baby smell and smiled at my wonderful husband. Another Tabblet. Another boy. Another sweet life.

August 9th 2012, Mid morning, Vilseck, Germany

The 5.7 of us gather in the living room to watch our now 1 year old little man open his presents.
He has been quite the addition to our family. Who would have thought someone who came into this world so chaotically would be the sweetest, most laid back guy in the world. He is much loved by his older brother and older sister. They have dubbed him "bub-bub". Our bub-bub. His siblings love him so much they have kept him from walking or talking at this point. Silly siblings, but hey if you had everything you wanted brought to you without saying anything, you wouldn't walk or talk either. So this Mamum and Daddy got Killian a walker toy, in hopes to promote the little guy to get up on his feet more. By golly I think it's going to do its job. Here are some pictures from his little party we had for him. Thank you to his grandparents and our siblings for their gifts.

 What? Open them?!
 How about bite them! 
 Yay for presents! 

 Tastes good! 

 This one is difficult...
 asking for help...
 big sister lovely helped (see what I mean, they do it all for him)
 Yay, toys for ME!
 Happy Birthday! 
 Ooh, nice outfits! 

 What? Where is the paper to chew on? 


 Yay, more toys for ME! 
 Happy BubBub
 What's this big toy?!
 (insert annoying music with adorable dancing)

 Big brother showing him how it works
 .... AND HE'S UP! 
It's just a matter of time now! 

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