Friday, August 10, 2012

Killian's Birthday: SMASH CAKE!

Smash cake. They've been around for years. The small cake or cupcake you give your one year old on their first birthday to eat, but they indeed just end up smashing and making a mess. Recently they have become quite the popular thing. Many photographers are doing smash cake sessions. People are pay ridiculous amounts of money to get a smash cake/ birthday cake combo for their little one's party. That's great. I'd love to be the baker or photographer and earn all that extra money. But I'm a Mamum of soon to be 4, We do things a little more thrifty around here. So I made Killian his smash cake and took my own pictures.
(Don't get me wrong, I love me some professional photos, but I like to save them for bigger events)

Here's Killian and his Smash Cake Event

 The smash cake. 2 layers of chocolate cake with a strawberry glaze in the middle. 
 He was absolutely terrified of the frosting when it touched his hands. He freaked out, cried and wanted nothing to do with it. I thought our smash cake event bombed. 
 But then Daddy came to his rescue (always) and broke it open and offered him a bite to calm his fears
 ... the rest was history. 
 Digging for chocolate cake yumminess 
 I think this might be my favorite
 Nope... definitely this one! He broke off the cake and started eating it like a watermelon! 
 Look at that fatty eating his cake. LOVE IT! 
 No more fear of icing
 Go for it buddy! 
He had his cake and ate it too! 

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