Friday, August 17, 2012

The Order of the Spur- Spouses

I'm officially an honorary spur holder. What does that mean? It means I rolled around in the dirt (literally) playing soldier to prove my worth of being a Calvaryman's Wife.
I learned the history of our Unit and took pride in what it stands for. I was given tasks to carry out to show that I was made of steel. I was given lives at stake to save.
The greatest thing of all was I was given a chance to show how proud of I am of my Soldier and was able to show my support of him and those who work with him.

"Always Ready" is our unit's motto.... and I was. Even at 34 weeks pregnant. I was determined. I was not going to give up. He amazes me everyday and my gratitude overflows. It was the least I could do... to do my best.

We started our morning at 0800 and ended our final ceremonies at 1600. It was a fun day.
My fellow "Shave tails" (those who are competing for spurs) in our troop were ready and raring. 4 of us were pregnant. I was the furthest along. HHT is the troop we belong too. WARHORSE!

Due to my big OBVIOUS belly I was approached by AFN (Armed Forces Network). Seems as though they wanted to do a piece on the spouses spur ride and was intrigued that I would be doing it so far along. I remember saying the first thing that popped in my head... "what? I'm just pregnant!" haha. She laughed. I have to remember that not everyone has been pregnant for 5 years back to back, that this belly of mine is "normal" to me so getting around, rolling in the dirt ect isn't "hard" for me to do. So after we talked about what she was looking for and a few fun laughs she put a wireless mic on me and told me to forget that she was there. She followed me half of the day, I was having so much fun that the video camera disappeared. Before she took back her wireless mic she interviewed me on my day so far. My likes/dislikes, if I had to hold back and not do any of the tasks, what I felt about the event ect. It was a pretty cool experience (being mic'd and followed) especially when I felt like I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. I look forward to hearing/seeing the project put together.

Everywhere our troop went we marched and sang cadence. Our fearless FRG leader was our guide on (she carried our troop flag in front of us) so that everyone would know who we were. We are very proud warhorse ladies!

Ok enough silly details. Here are some pictures. Explanations will be found below the picture.
Myself and another warhorse spouse, Joy. She's 25weeks prego. Getting ready to be issued our weapons. Carried a M16 (6lb dummy) all day. NEVER LEAVE YOUR WEAPON UNATTENDED. RGR TOP! 
AND we're off. Oh yeah. Notice that we are all soaked? We haven't even made it to our first lane (station) yet and it down poured. Honestly... it made it much more fun. :-) 
Also. See how my wet weather top is NOT buttoned... It wouldn't. Poor Joy's poncho (to my right) is soaked. I'm glad I had just the top and didn't have to mess with all that extra wet material. 
Charging the 50 Cal
First lane was the Medic lane (my fave, but I'm partial... in more ways then one) In this lane we were given a quick teaching on HABC's (hemmorage, Airway, Breathing and Circ) and given a senario. This picture shows us in 2 groups assessing our situation and getting ready to run into battle to save our patients/casualities. 
I ran in first to access the patient. OH MY he had a gross amount of blood coming from his leg! But was fully conscious and aware of his surroundings! I stopped his hemorrhaging with a tourniquet around his leg... then called back for extraction! (poor guy, I'm sure it was odd knowing I was Tabb's wife.)  
On a side note. Tabb had Tabblet control during this event so him and the Tabblets got to follow me around all day and watch. Since we were at the Medic lane the kids knew the guys running it. Here they are with they're favorite guy, SFC Jensen. He happens to be the Platoon SGT... but to them he is "Sergeant" and the one they run to. This photo is super sweet to me and proves we are in a wonderful troop.   (looks like we all got a bit wet) 
In order to extract our patient and get him to safety we needed to keep a low profile. So we had to low crawl (which is SUPPOSED to be on your tummy) Of course I had to modify. I do believe that I'm saying "Bang bang" as I'm shooting at enemies helping keep our patient (who's on the litter in front of me) out of harms way. I'm SO glad I decided to wear Josh's clothes and not my own. 
Speaking about Josh's uniform. Here you see me re adjusting and Joy laughing at me. For those who don't know ACU pants are made to and have to be worn at the belly button. So it was absolutely impossible for me to have my pants buttoned in order for them to fit right. So I wore my bella band and the tank top that "sticks" to it under a tight tan t-shirt. It worked for the most part, except for when I had to low crawl. :-) Then I had to be careful and re-adjust afterwards. LOL! 
Grenade throwing. Here I had pulled the safety and was executing my aim. Bullseye baby! 
Placing land mines. Yet another lane where low crawling was critical to the assignment. Again, I had to modify. Here I am aiming the mine after "low crawling" up to the area to keep from being seen. Once it was placed I buried the wire all the way back and shouted "Fire in the hole" 3 x and pulled trigger. I blasted them! 
We had a "bagged lunch" AKA MRE's!!!! Whoot. GAG. Actually, I chose a good one. Southwestern beef and black beans with rice! 
After lunch we had lessons on weapons, disassemble, assemble and functions check. Here you see me smiling... Tabb got the shot of me re assembling my m9 just as the instructor got done saying "oh look at you, you've got one at home don't you"..... no. I don't, that was the first time I had ever handled a hand gun. Literally. Had to smile at my awesomeness. :-)
Learning how to prep C4 in order to eliminate land mines and clear road ways. 
My littlest Tabblet being cute while the biggest tabblet takes a break watching me to watch a movie on his iPod. BTW have I mentioned how AWESOME our new stroller is? Tabb said it rocked. Handled like a cadillac in the woods and best of all even though it was a muddy mess at the end of the day it cleaned up beautifully! Best purchase EVER made for the Tabblets. 
We even learned a little about the MP's in our unit and how to search detainee's. 
What day wouldn't be complete with a litte pt. FRONT LEANING REST POSITION..... and push. 
HAH! Let me see you do a push up with a basketball under your shirt. I did the modified version and at that point it was more then just us preggos doing the modified version, it had been a long day. :-) 
But with every hard day comes a reward and we got ours! 

We not only got an award but we do get a necklace w/spurs pendent since we don't wear the combat boots the real spurs go on. 

(PS... not going to lie. The day after.... my hips were screaming. lol. BUT totally worth it. EVEN 34 weeks pregnant) 

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