Monday, January 2, 2012

Intimidated and overwhelmed

Have heathy eating habits in 21 days!
Ditch the Drive thru!
Smart ways to SLIM down!
Eat what you love & lose those unwanted pounds!
Clean eating action plan!
Eat Well LOSE weight!
slimmed down slow cooker!

Then I saw it. DIET.
No. Huh uh. Not going there.
IMO (in my opinion) Dieting is crap. Stupid. Useless.

We have decided, well trying to decide, how to eat healthier this year. I do not want to diet, nor do I feel like that's my answer. I want to eat my way into a healthier lifestyle not eat a new fad.
To quote a dear friend, "I'm not an emotional eater, I'm just an eater". That couldn't be any more true if she was describing me. Everyday I stare at 30lbs I never intended to have. 30lbs that could have been easily avoided if I hadn't eaten them to begin with. Some say "but you just had a baby! It's no big deal!" only for my answer of "my prior 2 babies I ate better, healthier and the lbs never lingered".... nontheless, they are there AND no matter what is said to me about them. I want them gone.
So in order to start this new way of living I grabbed 3 or 4 "Better eating" food/health magazines, to get some pointers of where to start and some low calorie recipes to help ease us into. I read everyone from front to back only to be in what seemed to be a better eating coma not knowing where to start, where to go, what to buy.
Every recipe (ok so not EVERY one) was at least 14 ingredients with spices I've never heard of and entree's with funny names.
I have a hundred different things to think about when looking at the nutrition label.
Did you know that there is a LONG grocery list of "health food staples" that should always be in your cabinet?
Oh and the food guide pyramid is now a plate showing portion size?

I feel like I'm drowning in a pool that I have yet put my toes in.
But I need to brave the water and just get in. Even if it takes a few mins to fully submerge.
This week my goals are:
  • Clean out all the "snacks"
  • Make a Only for the Kids area where the cookies and treats will be stored. They still can have them, in moderation of course.
  • Reorganize my cupboards
  • Choose 3 new reasonable recipes to try.
  • MOST important, WATER WATER WATER! Like I said I'm an eater... I don't do liquids of any kind very well. So I'm setting a timer, every time it goes off I need to drink a whole bottle of water.
This list ^^^ isn't so intimidating. These goals are reasonable
I've gotta start somewhere.

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