Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pretties half existed

small sweet flowers on top of candy colored ribbon clipped in her soft hair.

Pretties. Or at least that's what they are in our home.
hair clips nontheless.

Teagan has been very fortunate to recieve many handmade ones by a very close friend and her Aunt. However as time goes by and they get chewed on, mangled, misplaced, food on them ect I feel the want to make her some more rather then asking those sweet ladies for more.

So I did it... well yeah about that.
When we were at Dongdaemun (textile mexaplex) I got some of these kind of clips and some of those kind of clips. These and those flowers, a plethora of ribbon and some gems. Then the next weekend I got a glue gun and some glue.
That was 2 weeks ago.
It's all still in the bag.

The good news is...
I was going to blog about how it was yet another project gone on the shelf BUT as I was writing I decided to google such pretties. And now 4-6 "how to instructions" later I have motivation back! Whoot! haha. I'll post a few pictures when I've made some.

On other note.
I drank 3 water bottles...

This week. (no lie... I am THAT bad at liquid intake)

But I have only had one "treat" a day, which is a single serving of icecream after the kids go to bed. (oh I lied, I also had 2 starbursts today)
AND I have been eating MUCH better during the day. Real oatmeal and raisins for breakfast, homemade turkey wraps with a side of raw almonds and dried apricots for lunch and a reasonable dinner.
I however have not touched the cupboard or made a kids drawer....

(I guess the question is "What HAVE I done this week?")

::shakes head::

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