Friday, March 8, 2013

Better late then never...

With a little encouragement from my wonderful MIL, I decided to make Imogen's solid foods. A endeavor I never expected to take. Some of the first things that came to my head when it was brought up... 
I have NO time. She would never have any food to eat. 
I'd just buy some at the store, due to excuse above, so it'd be a waste of money purchasing equipment needed. 
I have NO time. 
I have NO time! 
HAH! Like I'd have time to do that! 

But with our increasing desire to save more money these days I reconsidered and decided that I do have time I just need to make it available. 
So I did a little research online about what the best baby food maker was and I ended up with this one. 
 It's the Kidsline Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker. It steams on one side and processes on the other. Here you see I've already started the carrots. 
I ended up getting 2 baby food cook books (Yes, I need a cook book on how to puree, lol, I am that intimidated) The original book I got didn't have a great "beginner's" section but did have a great "older" section and had great ideas for my toddlers/preschoolers as well. So I decided to get a second book this time looking at the reviews better. It ended up being exactly what I needed as a beginner. (i.e steam 1/2 cup carrots and puree, makes 4 servings OR this much broccoli and this much cauliflower is a good mix)

Continuing on... 

 To my surprise it wasn't hard to get it to the consistency and thickness I wanted. 
SN: Homemade carrots are WAY smoother and taste SOO much better then store bought! WHO KNEW? (obviously not this girl!)

 steaming the pears :-) 
 Remember that part about not having time? Yeah it's because of this guy (and 3 others) who absolutely  NEED my attention. They beg and pine and WHINE for it at every convenient and inconvenient moment (and I completely love that) So with a little help from a family iPod I got this attention greedy turtle satisfied for a little while. He still stayed close as you can see :-)
 Pears! They are one of the reasons I was SOO glad to have the 2nd book. It told me that I wouldn't need to use the excess water drained from steam since the pears would have enough by themselves. If I wouldn't have known that these pears would have been thinner then water! 
 My MIL had the great idea of freezing the food in ice cube trays for portion control and to manage less waste. She's a smart cookie! 
Here is the finished product! I am so happy with them... 
It was quick and easy. I look forward to making other foods once Imogen's palate grows

I also got 2oz glass containers to use when I defrost the food cubes. I'm not one that likes to microwave plastic so they were the perfect answer. They are also great for freezing food too. I'll use them for both! 

Pictures are sure to come of Imogen's first experience of solid food :-) It's a milestone I always look forward too. 

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