Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fun in the Snow

Last week we went sledding. It was our first time sledding with the Tabblets so we were all anticipating a great time. We took our time picking out a good, sturdy, large (for mulitple Tabblet runs) plastic sled and headed out to "the sledding hill". 
You see I had been told by a very dear friend of THE place to sled, so when I looked up the address online I ignored the name of the place put the address into our GP. Off we went. 

As we approach said "sledding hill",  I start to get a little nervous as I cannot see the sledding area. Josh comments on how he didn't know there was a skiing area just outside of town... That's when we both realize that it's indeed a ski-lift, with no bunny hill.  There was no way we were going to take our first timers down the size of that thing. So I sent my friend a silly text because I love her and think she's crazy that she takes her sweet little girl down that thing and we resort to going on base to find a much smaller (in distance and in grade) hill to start on. 

This is what we found. It ended up being perfect! 
(Don't forget this is their FIRST time ever) 

 Quick lesson on where to hold and how NOT to let go 
 ... ready... set...

 A little scared... 
 Trying to hold on..

He loved it. Stood up Hootin and hollerin! 
 Teagan's Turn! 
Ready... Set...

 She must have not heard the bit about holding on... 
... gonna lose it? 
 ... about to tumble! 

 PULLS THROUGH! And sits back up...
 Only to almost fall out the other way
Obviously can't tell in the still shot, but she's definitely bobbin her head dancing. 
 Aidan hootin' for her from the top! 
 Killian's turn! (and Daddy's)
 Ready... Set...
Small sled for Daddy so he had to help stablize :-) 
 Killian didn't really care about it one way or the other. He wanted to nap instead.
 So he was crabby patty. 

Two x the Tabblets! 
Off they GO!
 Screaming fun as they pass...

 I love how Teagan kicked her feet up at the end as they coasted to a stop. 

MaMum's turn! 

 Check out that air! 
(and speed!) 

  (Yeah yeah, my 4m old went down the hill with me. We only went once, it was fine.)

After watching the kids do a few more runs I retreated to the car with Grumpy Gus and a hungry Imogen. 
 Hungry Imogen
Grumpy Gus 
(who was sleeping within 5m after this picture)

We watched the rest of the festivities from the warm car...
 which included snow ball throwing

 What good is a brother who doesn't pull you behind him the sled! 
 Later I found out that she was serenading him... haha. 
 What good is a sister who doesn't at least try to return the favor... 
They finally wore out and wanted some food. 

 We had fun watching them, didn't we little sister <3 

Maybe next year we'll go back to the ski slope but for this winter we will return to our little hill! 
Can't wait for the next dump of snow! 

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