Monday, March 18, 2013

It went by in a blur

I open my eyes to the sound of a sweet baby snoring next to me. I really enjoy our early morning naps together. She usually comes to our bed around 6am after a full nights sleep in her crib. Just as I'm thinking about how wonderful she is I remember that this morning was even better then I remembered.

He is home.

It's Friday morning and he is home from the field just in time for a 4 day weekend!! YIPPEEE!
I turn over and sure enough he's laying there next to me. Sweet morning bliss.


I'm sitting at the dining room table in quiet, just the low hum of the drying and the thump of the spin cycle. It's Late Monday evening. I can't help but ask "Where did it all go?!", "I just woke up to sweet snoring lovies!"

How come the times together, him and I, go by so fast.

We did a lot this weekend, like most weekends. Spent a day on Grafenwhoer, spending a bunch of money in the "stuffmart" PX and grocery shopping at the commissary that never has what we need in stock. The highlight being the new Manchu Wok for lunch. (Speaking of Manchu Wok, the only other place I've had it was at Yongsan in Korea. Maybe that spoiled me, having Koreans (Asians) behind the counter cooking asian food as opposed to having germans behind the counter cooking asian food. Needless to say it was much better in Yongsan.)
Spent another day watching movies, snuggling in blankets and spending intimate time as a family.
One day was spent back at the Commissary buying our "clean" foods (another blog on another day) and galavanting to stores on the economy.

And the most fun day of the weekend was the day we spent at Palm Beach (no not in Florida) It's Nürnberg's indoor water park. It was glorious!
Amazon had a killer deal on a waterproof camera a few weeks ago and it was the perfect time to test it out. The little camera did so well giving the challenge I put it up to...
Getting 4 Tabblets to slow down long enough for a picture OUT of the water is hard enough!! Getting a non blurred picture IN the water is on a whole other level of difficult. HAH!

Here's a few of the better ones!
 She's our water baby! 

 Fun slide
 Aidan's turn! 
 Killian was nervous but he wanted to try... 
 ... and he didn't go down it again. 

 Moving too fast makes too many bubbles! 
 Our Sweet little buddy, Emilie! 
 The camera doesn't have a stabilizer, but it's a cheap point and shoot, so no big. 
 "Hey Aidan look at me under the water!" .06 seconds later he was no longer in the water

 Mama!!! Help! He's going crazy! 
 SEE!! It works! Really cool huh! It's nice when your subject stays in the water long enough 
 A'Hoy Matey!
 She was so calm, floated very nicely! 
 Look at those legs!! FATTY!
 This time he stayed under for about 2 seconds, as you can see no bubbles... 
 He was happy as long as his face was water free! 
 Killian following Daddy 
 This was another tough one, the water was rippling too much to get one of those cool above and below pictures, This is the best I could get! 
 haha. Self portrait.
 5.5 months of meaty cuteness

   As the day went on I got used to the no stabilization. This was during Imogen's nap, Killian got in some snuggles (extra special ones at that since he has his Noonie) when Daddy and the older two hit up the slides. 

The next few weeks are already booked, slam packed with work, special trainings, family visits, ect.  I know that just in what seems like "a few days" time it'll be time for us to say "See you in awhile, Daddy, return to us soon". So we're trying to get in all the time that we can now. 

As for Palm Beach? We will be back! 

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