Saturday, March 2, 2013

Their Favorite: NaNaw

As kids grow up and start looking forward to certain times of the year most children lock their sights on their birthday, Christmas or another popular holiday. In our house the time of year most looked forward to by the children is when NaNaw visits. They found out about her visit shortly after Teagan's birthday and the time couldn't go by faster. They talked more about NaNaw coming in the airplane then they did Santa who brings presents.
Every time they saw her on Skype, they asked how much longer. With each week they grew more and more excited.
Finally the day came for her arrival. It was an extra early morning due to her early arrival but that didn't flatten the mood!

Everyone ran out to see her as she came thru the terminal. It was a very excited reunion.
Here are some pictures of her 7 day stay...

 Come on! Let's go get NaNaw!!

 NaNaw and Popeye's = Aidan's dream come true

Never-ending Playtime

Imogen making sure she got in her time. Nothing like NaNaw's kisses.  

Too tired to roll around on the floor NaNaw? OK let me show you how to play the iPad!

Building castles

Our Tabblet's never left her side, some even tried going into the bathroom with her. She was the first thing they said when they woke up and the last thing they thought about before falling asleep. 
We enjoyed having my mom here so much we planned out her next trip before she left AND the kids are still talking about the things we did with her while she was here. 

Just before she left we took pictures of her with the babes so that they had something to look at and talk about between visits. Here's some of them... good ones and outtakes :-) 

There is an extra special bond that Aidan has with his NaNaw. I believe it has something to do with her living with us when Josh left for basic and AIT. During those 8 months, she helped fill the hole in his day. She will always be his Special Person. 

This one makes me laugh... Aidan climbing on her back, Teagan super cheesing, Killian unsettled with his position and Imogen gazing elsewhere.

NaNaw made sure to snuggle all her lovies! 

We look forward to our multiple talks with her during the week and our upcoming events to fill the time before she comes back. Fall can't be her soon enough!

We sure do miss you! XXOO

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