Friday, December 21, 2012

A weekend away, just for US!

A weekend away for free AND free child care!? Where do I sign up!

Josh's unit held a marriage retreat at the elegant and cozy Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmish. Garmisch is nestled nicely in the armpit of the Alps. (Kinda like how Boulder is to the Rockies)

It was a very nice weekend. We started Friday morning... first a safety brief and then disperse. Some rode the bus down, we took Elektra so that we could go sight seeing after the classes. It was the opening weekend of Garmisch's Christmas Market after all. Once we were on the road we were having fun. Is there ever a time that Germany is NOT gorgeous?

On the 3 hour drive south Josh and I revisited the conversations we've had the past month about our goals, plans and overall health of our relationship. Times are changing now that we've reached our dream of having 4 kids and we feel like it's a healthy part of our relationship to share our feelings about "where next" "what now". It was good conversation including all the sweet Tabblet interruptions.
Once we arrived the weekend went pretty fast. Friday night was a 3 hour session with a 3 hour childcare. Aidan and Teagan were very excited to go play with friends and all the toys. The teachers were very amused with Killian... he is the cutest one you know.
Saturday we had another 3 hour session in the morning. The teaching was good, the chaplain was very amusing. We learned some and overall we felt like we are a pretty healthy couple. (it's that 14 years of friendship I tell ya!)
At about 11am we were dismissed and that was it.... oh wait and the kids could stay in child care the rest of the day!!! So Josh and I (and Imogen since I'm her food source) ate lunch together and then we galavanted into the city of Garmisch. We enjoyed some Glüwine and ginger cookies. Even saw Coca-Cola's Weihnachtstour and sang german christmas songs with Santa!
Around 4pm we picked the kids up and heard all about their day over some McNuggets and fries then they went back from 6-9pm so that we could have a "date night".
(I'm really thinking that the unit did it more as a weekend away with childcare and just posed it as a marriage retreat, lol)
However, our date night got cut off abruptly as Killian got a bloody nose while he was sleeping in their crib and since we didn't write it down on the info sheet we had to come pick him up. (How was I supposed to know that out of his 1 or 2 bloody-nose-while-sleeping during 1 month would end up on THE evening he was in childcare?) Nontheless we were still happy to pick them up as we MISSED them all day.
Sunday morning we packed up and headed home. It was a very cherished weekend together indeed.
Glüwine and Gingerspice cookies 
Coca-Cola freight liner 

 Santa asking the kids what they want for Christmas and then some German songs

 Pretty church

 Streets of Garmisch 
 A HUGE house we found galavanting! 
 View from our room at the lodge! 
 The lodge
 Despite being a Ford... I sure do love her. 

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