Friday, December 28, 2012

Guteneck and Regensburg Weihnachtsmarkts

After experiencing the big and magnificent Nürnburg Christkindlemarkt, we needed to see more of them. So Friday afternoon before Christmas we set out to Schloss-Guteneck. Guteneck is a castle so the  markt is known for being romantic and special since it's on castle grounds. Indeed it was romantic :-) 

 Vendors among the main gate
 Map of the grounds
 4 of the 6 (LOVE THEM)

We happened to get there and walk in the right direction to see their live performance of Josef and Maria. It was really cool. There was no block offs or do not enters... it was all performed in the crowd. So we followed them in their journey. 
 From door to door... 

 until their arrival of the stable
 and the arrival of the shepards to see the King born in a stable...
 It was a really cool experience. When the shepards arrived they led the crowd in "Stille Nacht" (Silent night) It was beautiful! 

 Warming up by the bon fire, eating our first Knobi-Brot
which was something along the lines of sauerkraut, bacon or pork peices on top of a round turkish loaf. Josh and I put jalapeños on our side of the round. Aidan and Teagan enjoyed the non spiced side :-) 


 Vendors inside part of the castle

 The other 2 Tabbs missing from the previous picture! hehe.
After the knobi brot we tried food from this vendor... basically chicken on a stick wrapped in pastry covered in "sour cream sauce" that tasted like a variety of ranch. 
And of course we got the annual mug complete with some belly warming Glüwine

 Side of castle
 Castle courtyard... SOOO PRETTY! 
 Looking down in to another area
 Guteneck's markt was by far our favorite. It was a great evening.

Saturday we decided to squeeze in one last christmas market since we were getting anxious for Christmas. We were even saying things like "let's do Christmas early! The kids won't know"... haha. 
So we headed out to cure our cabin fever. 

Regensburg was our destination. It had 4 markts all linked together thru out the town. It was fun walking thru the pedestrian walkways from one market to another. 
The main markt also had 1/2 meter sausages and we were determined to get one. 

 The city of Regensburg is beautiful in itself

 Tree at the town hall
 All you had to do was follow the decorated streets to get to the next markt. 
 We found this guy on one of the street corners. 
 The first pony our Tabblets have every encountered
Aidan was enthralled
 haha. Teagan however was a bit more weary... 
... and the 1/2 meter sausage we were after! Which we enjoyed with a mug of Glüwine... :-) 

We are so blessed to be in such a gorgeous country.  Trying to do our best at savoring our every moment together before the upcoming year's events. 

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  1. The more I read through your blog, the more I want to come to Germany!