Friday, December 28, 2012

The Tabb6 do Christmas

Christmas is an all time favorite in our house. It's the time of year that Josh is home the most. The time of year that we focus more on each other then on the projects that we are doing. The time when we reflect on where the past year took us and what the next year has in store.
It's about being with each other and making priceless memories.
Christmas morning always starts with Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve. This years pj's were given to us thru a christmas pj exchange from a sweet friend of mine in the UK.
4 Tabblets in their Christmas PJ's post presents

As soon as everyone is up we dive into the mound of gifts under the tree and dump out our stockings. Due to the spoiling rights of Grandparents and Aunts/Uncles the Tabblets were very blessed this year when it came to items under the tree. 
 Excited Mamum waiting for babies to wake
 The loot
 Aidan asked Santa for a dog
 Teagan asked for a Kitty (surprise surprise)
 Aidan and Teagan were up first!  They played basket ball until...
 Killian joined us! 
 Nothing like a little Christmas morning cheese! 
 I love Aidan's "Hmmm... what's in here" look
 Stocking stuffer cuddles
 When he opened the plastic ball toys/candy fell out. heehee. 
 Big brother gave him a piece of chocolate... lol 
 Present time! 
 "... How does this work, guys?"

 Excited for Duplos
 Barbie Jeep! BEEP BEEP!
 First present opened... 
 and he's off to test it out. Had to wrangle him back to open more... 
 Getting the hang of it... 

 One of her favorite movie shorts! 
 So excited for his new shoes... must be the age. I'm pretty sure my 10 year old Aidan won't appreciate them as much haha. 
 Upset because he couldn't get the balls out of the side of the box. 
 Played with this one all morning! 
 Aprons from Grandma... Wants to bake cookies!
 Oven mits included. 
 Time for more CHEESE!
 Bark! Bark! 
 Unwrapping on his own within minutes! 
 Sweet loves for his new dino
 Clothes for Imogen who was still sleeping. 
 Love the bow? It was there for an hour... 
 Sweet baby girl finally decided to join us and loved watching 

We had a great morning opening presents from our loved ones back stateside. They spoiled us indeed this year. Must be the distance :-) 

 Aidan mentioned he wanted me to take a picture with all of his new presents. However at that point most of them had been scattered across the room so we grabbed a few that were still waiting in line to be opened and did a few snaps of each kid. 

 Big Brother with his "sweet smile" 
 Silly crazy sister with her "pretty smile" 
 Bub-Bub saying cheese for the 15th time. He said it everytime I picked up the camera. 
 Sleepy baby sister smiles 

Once all the gifts were opened I went to work in the kitchen while Josh stayed behind to battle the twisty ties and plastic clips of the kids' gifts. This holiday I didn't want to keep the oven on all day or have to get up super early to put the turkey in the oven so I chose to do ham. Plus leftover ham makes great sandwiches. Also since it was just the 6 of us I did just our favorite side dishes. Sweet potatoes w/marshmallows, creamed sweet corn and green bean casserole. Less then 2 hours after starting we were ready to eat! Christmas lunch was served right on time at 1300. 

 Imogen thoroughly enjoys her gift this year! She is getting too big. Our baby is growing up fast. 
I've been finding myself tearing up when I look at our family, especially Imogen. These are our last baby days and while that's very exciting it is also a hard thing for me to get my head around. Unless God has other plans I will never have another one this small and innocent. If only I could make this one a baby for a little while longer... :-) 

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday and we look forward to what this next year has in store. 

Much love. 


  1. I tear up looking at Em still. Darn those baby hormones! HA!

  2. I think you're right about the age for shoes. Gideon was so excited about his pair too! I thought it was funny because I wasn't expecting it :D

  3. Awwww! I love your beautiful family! So awesome!

    ~Abby =)